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Gone Home developer calls on fans for translations

Gone Home

Gone Home is a story-exploration game that a bunch of ex-BioShock developers called The Fullbright Company are putting out on August 15. But they're only a small team, consisting of only four people. To solve the problem of translation (or localization), they're looking to dedicated fans.

"Gone Home has a lot of words in it, and the game is very much centered around understanding sometimes-subtle clues and artifacts," wrote Johnnemann Nordhagen in a blog post.

"We don’t have a lot of resources," he said.

The solution? "When the game ships, all of the text content will be available to anyone who would like to create their own translation," said Nordhagen.

The developer has provided more detailed instructions on its blog for those interested in helping with translation efforts.

"You can also localize the game to Klingon," he wrote.

Gone Home is coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux. Players investigate what happened to one mysteriously absent family by searching their house for clues.

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