Gone Home coming to consoles

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The Fullbright Company is finding some new homes for hit indie game Gone Home. As revealed today by IGN, the first-person interactive exploration game, formerly a PC exclusive, will be coming to consoles sometime in 2014.

“We designed Gone Home from the beginning to be a couch experience,” Steve Gaynor, co-founder of developer The Fullbright Company and writer of Gone Home, told IGN.

“There are Trophies and there [are] Achievements, but there’s also new features with the new consoles. The PS4 is all about sharing, for instance.”

Although the Fullbright Company confirmed its console release, the studio has yet to decide on specific platforms for the game. "It's less about what we can add, what we can change," Gaynor said. "It's, 'How can we make it the best version you could possibly play on the hardware you've got on your living room?'"

The console version is being created in partnership with Midnight City. This will allow Fullbright to simultaneously work on its next project, which Gaynor said is not a sequel.

“We’re currently doing very early days on what our next game is," Gaynor teased. "I can say it won’t be Gone Home 2, but I can also sat it’ll be us continuing to explore the kind of interactive experiences we started with Gone Home. And then seeing what our next step is, so we don’t repeat ourselves.”


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