Gon Chomp Chomp Adventure stomping onto Nintendo 3DS in Japan

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Namco Bandai is developing a video game based on Masashi Tanaka's manga series Gon. The 3DS title is set for release in Japan on June 14.

The teaser website for Gon Chomp Chomp Adventure shows the small orange dinosaur munching on apples—and fighting a giant squid, napping, and soaring on the back of a seagull—rather than breathing fire.

In 1998, Gon made a cameo appearance terrorizing combatants in Tekken 3. The character previously starred in a side-scroller, which Bandai published for the Super Famicom in 1994.

An anime is currently scheduled to premiere on April 2 in Japan and will likely generate interest in the upcoming release of Gon Chomp Chomp Adventure. So far no announcement has been made regarding a North American release of the game and possible platformer.

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