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Good Old Games continues their tradition of awesome weekend sales, serving up six titles at 40 percent off this weekend. The list is strong all around, with great games and curiosities well worth the few bucks they require.

Postal held little appeal back when it was new, but for a mere $3.69 for the original and $5.99 for the sequel, these games are at least good for a laugh. The two games suffered a lot of heat for their excessive violence, most likely deemed mild by today's standards. is also offering Stronghold and Stronghold Crusader, two games that combine aspects of real-time strategy with world building. Stronghold puts players in a medieval era, while Crusader has them assuming the role of Crusaders or Saladin's army.

Topping off the list is Arx Fatalis, a 2002 RPG that takes players into an underground world, and The Incredible Machine, a puzzle game that has you tinkering with various contraptions.

To see all of the sale games and purchase them before the weekend is out, visit

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