Godfest comes tonight for ye ole Puzzle & Dragon junkies

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Every few weeks, the GungHo devs decide to bless a new Godfest upon their loyal subject of Puzzle & Dragons. As of tonight, this will once again be the theme. I hope you’ve been collecting those gems, starting at 8:00 OM PDT, the next Godfest will begin. It will end tomorrow, 7/1, at 8:00 Pm PDT.

The theme of this event is the Japanese Series 1 and Egyptian Series Gods. As per usual, there will special god opportunities including a higher drop rate on Odins, Metatrons, Sonias, and Guan Yus. Will the RNG gods be gentle?

Here is a look of what will be out there:

- Japanese Series 1 -
132 Kagutsuchi
134 Viper Orochi
136 Susano
138 Amaterasu
140 Yomi

- Egyptian Series -
490 Horus
492 Isis
494 Bastet
496 Ra
498 Anubis

- Special -
362 Odin
364 Odin, the War Deity
1107 Phantom God Odin
640 Archangel Metatron
642 Dark Angel Metatron
911 Red Dragon Caller, Sonia
913 Jade Dragon Caller, Sonia
1088 Blue Dragon Caller, Sonia
1241 Bearded Deity, Guan Yu
1243 Loyal Deity, Guan Yu

Best of luck to you and your wallet!

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