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God of War Collection to Feature God of War III Demo

September 23, 2009

God of War Collection to Feature God of War III Demo

HD compilation of the first two God of War games to be released for PS3 this November

Sony has revealed via the PlayStation Blog that the God of War Collection will feature a demo for their upcoming PS3 title in the franchise, God of War III. Each copy of the collection will contain a voucher in the package that contains a code for downloading the demo through the PlayStation network. The playable demo will be the same one that was on display at E3 2009. God of War III is set to be released March 2010.

Additionally, it was announced that the compilation, which combines 720p versions of the first two games in the series on one blu-ray disc and features trophy support, will be released this November. For more info, check out the official PlayStation blog:

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