God Eater Dev Planning Vita Game?

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Back in March, D3 Publisher localized Namco Bandai's God Eater Burst for North America. The freshly titled Gods Eater Burst was developed by a company called Shift. According to Andriasang, the developer may be working on a new game for the PlayStation Vita.

Apparently, Shift is currently looking to fill programmer positions to work on a new title. The game is expected to launch for either the PSP or Vita, though given Sony's attention on its new handheld, it's likely that it will be a Vita game. Unfortunately, that's all we really know about this rumor.

The recruitment form doesn't list the title of the game, nor does it have any release info. Talk about a tease! This may or may not be a new God Eater game, but based on the popularity of that IP (it's the most successful Shift-developed franchise), it's likely that Vita users may get a new God Eater game down the road.

We're bound to get more details on this potential project in the future. Hopefully Namco Bandai, D3 Publisher, and Shift all release some insight on this possible endeavor. If not, well, they are called rumors for a reason!

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