God of War: Ascension 1.04 patch increases the level cap, fixes audio issues

God of War: Ascension  - 1101995

Look, when you're done killing Gods and tempting half naked women to engage in coitus, you might want to blow off some steam on Ascensions brand new multiplayer, where you can take your warrior, pledge your allegiance to a god and go head to head against other players.

Being the first game of the God of War franchise to include multiplayer, it was met by a mix of responses. While GameZone's Matt Liebl thought the game was rather pointless, he did mention that the multiplayer component would be enjoyed by long time fans.

The latest 1.04 patch adds 10 more allegiance levels, which raises the cap from level 30 to level 40. Aside from being able to further promote your warrior, there is a new item, two new relics and an ultimate magic for every allegiance. Don't expect these next 10 levels to be a cakewalk either. For all the information surrounding the new abilities with the update, make sure to check out the official site.

Another quite annoying issue that players have been experiencing with God of War Ascension are the random audio drops. Thankfully, this patch addressed this issue and should now be completely fixed.

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