Goat Simulator reveals suspicious release date

Goat Simulator Screenshot - 1161135

Listen Goat Simulator, I want to play you, I want to enjoy you, I want to get my goat on. But, your April 1st release date is quite suspicious. You wouldn’t wrong me Coffee Stain, would you? The creators themselves are calling Goat Simulator “the world’s dumbest game” for the “next-gen goat simulator you’ve been waiting for.”

For those who need a refresher, Goat Simulator blew up when gamers heard about it and become somewhat of a “cult classic” overnight. After all, any game that looks at the old skating games of yore but has you play as a goat instead of some kid with a skateboard… you have instantly figured out the algorithm for success. With the supposed April 1st release for Steam also comes the Steam Workshop so the community can absolutely go to town on these goats. 

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