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Gmod Kickstarter promises to manage your plethora of mods, it just needs your money

Gmod Kickstarter

If there is one thing that the PC community has over the console community, aside from superior graphics, it's the ability to mod, and thus extend your experiences with games beyond their shelf life. Skyrim is a perfect example. The plethora of mods available to the game not only extend the hours of game time, but can also enhance your graphics, add new items and spells, or even add completely new monsters for you to take down.

Thanks to Steam Workshop, managing your mods has certainly become easier for games like Skyrim, Serious Sam 3, and Torchlight 2. With a simple click, you can enable and disable various mods, without having to tinker with any of the game's files, which in turn could make it unplayable. The problem with Steam Workshop, is that it supports only a handful of games, 30 in fact. Gmod hopes to expand on that.

In theory, Gmod is rather similar to Steam Workshop, as you can easily browse mods to various games, and then easily enable and disable them. Unlike Steam Workshop though, it pulls its mods from much bigger resources, like Curse, Fileplanet, Planet Minecraft and Strategy Informer, giving players a vast number of mods for tons of titles.

The Kickstarter is currently sitting at just over 12k, with a total of 75k needed for complete funding, and 18 more days to go. For players that like to breathe life into their completed games, or perhaps just change them around to their liking, Gmod looks to deliver. Make sure to check out the Kickstarter to see whether it deserves your hard earned dollars.

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