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Giveaway: We've got 70 in-game Brave Frontier prizes


Around the same time everyday silence descends upon the GameZone office. The silence is broken by one thing and it's either a victorious squeal or someone lamenting about the difficulty of a dungeon.

One cannot simply dabble in Brave Frontier. We are playing it almost addictively and, chances are, so are you. 

So, to celebrate our love of the game - we are having a giveaway! We have over 70 in-game items to hand out:

  • 60 winners of one (1) Elemental God (10 for each element)
  • 5 winners of one (1) Dark Totem,
  • 5 winners of one (1) Light Totem

Wondering how you can get in on the giveaway? Simple. Use the embedded device below and follow along with what it requests. Each action you do through it earns you a point. Rack up those points (one of them can be done daily) and see if you win a prize when the contest ends!

Brave Frontier in-game item give away in GameZone Contests on LockerDome

The winners will be announced July 29th 2014 at 2:00 PM ET via Twitter and/or Email!

Good luck!

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