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Giveaway: Grab a new in-game title in Neverwinter (maybe some other gifts too)

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Cryptic Studios' free-to-play MMO Neverwinter saw a major content update on December 5th. This content was the second free expansion for the MMO and it's called Module 2: Shadowmantle. This expansion brought a new adventure zone, campaign, paragon paths, artifacts and a new class - the Hunter Ranger.

Now that we've covered what the expansion brought to players, let's talk about what we can bring you...with the help of Cryptic Studios, of course. 

Your in-game title might be Captain, Titan or something like that, but how would you feel about getting a new title in conjunction with a couple free gifts? We can make that happen!

You can win an in-game title and gifts in 3 steps:

  • Go to Twitter!
  • Tweet (and follow so we can message you) @GameZoneOnline & @NeverwinterGame showing us a screencap of your character in Neverwinter!
  • Make it interesting!

If you want to go the extra mile and comment in the comment section below, be sure to include your Twitter handle so we can find you!

Codes will be given out daily between 12/17 - 12/22/2013.

Any questions? Want to chat? Find me on Twitter @Tatimo_GZ.

Tatiana Morris I work here, so at least I've got that going for me.
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