Giveaway: Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Edition

In 1995 a game was released that would help define the RTS (Real Time Strategy) genre and capture the attention of thousands of gamers.

The Command & Conquer franchise is 17 games strong and is about to add one more game to it's brand sometime this year. In celebration of this new Command & Conquer title we have four copies of Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection up for grabs.

The Ultimate Collection is a compendium of all the Command & Conquer games as well as a soundtrack and commemorative art. You even get another chance to experience the great voice acting from a number actors (Tim Curry, David Hasslehoff, Jennifer Morrison) that you may never have known were involved in the games! 

There are four copies available - that means four people can win a copy! We won't even make it hard for you to get in on the giveaway, simply comment (make it a good one) in the comment section below and you're in! Good luck.

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