Give your Saints Row 4 character the voice of Nolan North

Saints Row 4 Screenshot - 1141241

Update: We reached out to PR to see whether that is indeed Nolan North himself, and turns out, it is! HUZZAH!

Saints Row The Third had a hilarious option for those that wanted to take the ridiculous to new levels. When choosing a voice, players could go with three female and three male voices, as well as a hilarious zombie voice. Not only did that make everything your character said sound like an incomprehensible zombie, but everyone else could seemingly understand what you're saying.

Saints Row 4's option may not be as over-the-top, but it's funny none-the-less. The last option will let your created character take on the voice of All-Star, Nolan North. While North isn't credited anywhere as providing voice for Saints Row 4, the character does sound exactly like him. North, however, is one of the hardest working voice actors in the industry, so it certainly wouldn't be surprising.

Given that we couldn't talk about the game's latest preview build until today, it's possible that North's involvement was also kept under wraps.

Does that mean we get a Troy Baker option in Saints Row V?!

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