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Giant mech battle between USA and Japan finally scheduled for August

It took two years, but it's finally happening.

Giant mech battle between USA and Japan finally scheduled for August

Back in the summer of 2015, the US-based robotics company, MegaBots, challenged the Japan-based Suidobashi Heavy Industry a robot match, but not just any robot fight... A giant robot fight. Suidobashi agreed to take on MegaBots, then all went quiet. 

It has been confirmed that the battle will take place in August 2017 at a still unknown location. Coordinating the battle took a little more time than expected, but MegaBots can guarantee that there won't be any more delays! 

At the time, MegaBots was bringing their MegaBots Mk. II, a 15-foot-tall 6-ton creation that came equipped with a Paintball cannon, T-shirt launcher, and room for a pilot - making it more of a mech than anything. Instead of bringing Mk. II to the battle, MegaBots will be bringing the new and improved Mk. III and it looks like it has a chainsaw and a gun. Mk. III stands at 16 feet tall and weighs 22,000lb.

Suidobashi, on the other hand, was working with their Kuratas unit, which is 12.5 feet tall, 5-tons and has a BB Gatling gun that shoots 6,000 rounds a minute - oh, and it also has a cockpit... Making it a mech-like robot too. 

If it's sounding like a mech battle, it should. This could be our very first step towards Gundam units... or Pacific Rim! However, the battle will likely not include the humans... That could be dangerous (but maybe someone is crazy enough to give it a go)?

In other news, you can check out my extra dry interview with MegaBots here.

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