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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Will Be "Better with Kinect"


A listing on for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier caught by IGN shows a "Better with Kinect Sensor" tag on the box art. While it could be an error, this is pretty solid evidence that the game will feature some kind of Kinect support. The "Better with Kinect" tag is used to identify games that have some kind of optional Kinect support.

With Microsoft aiming to wow gamers with their E3 Kinect line-up, this could be the first clue of what they have in store. What could a Kinect Ghost Recon game entail? Well, if it's like other "Better with Kinect" releases, it may be a disappointment. Many games opt to add a separate mode for Kinect rather than something that's already integrated into the experience.

On the other hand, if Microsoft's E3 ambitions are to be believed, this could be the first game that lets players use the Kinect alongside a controller. It's something they've avoided so far but admitted would happen eventually.

My guess is that Future Soldier will offer some kind of head-tracking support. For a tactical game like this, the ability to look and aim independently, lean around corners, and aim down sights with simple head motions could be really cool. What do you think Ghost Recon's Kinect support should be?

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