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Ghost Recon Online to release in April as Ghost Recon Phantoms

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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online is being rebranded as Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms for its April 10th release on Steam and PC.

“The end of open beta is a new start to the game. The difference between where the game started and the game today is so considerable that we felt we should mark it with a fresh identity,” explained Ghost Recon Phantoms producer Corey Facteau.

“Feedback from our five million players throughout beta enabled us to continuously increase the content of the game and to improve what makes the game unique, the blending of intense shooters with the teamwork and tactical depth of MOBAs," Facteau added. "Ghost Recon Phantoms brings a narrative layer to the game based around The Phantoms, ex-Ghosts and current adversaries who left The Ghosts to pursue personal agendas. We’ve also added new gameplay elements to expand the depth of the game and give new experiences to seasoned veterans. Of course, no accounts will be wiped, and our current players will not have to start over.”

Among the changes are an all-new art direction for Phantoms, including new character and device designs for all three classes. Ubisoft has also completely reworked the lighting and level design on a majority of maps. You can check out the before and after shots in the attached gallery.

In addition to graphics, Ubisoft has redesigned the matchmaking system in an effort to provide a fair gaming experience for all users. Ghost Recon Phantoms' matchmaking will now take into account skill and gear. Being revealed later this week is the new "Mod Master" and weapon camo systems, which will allow "countless" customization options.

Looking ahead, the team will continue to develop new features and weapons for Ghost Recon Phantoms. "Currently the team is fine-tuning tactical insertions and smoke grenades, which are being tested in large scale playtests by the community before being released in-game in the near future," Ubisoft teased.

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