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Ghost Recon for Facebook canceled

Ghost Recon: Commander

Ubisoft has canceled the Ghost Recon game on Facebook.

The publisher previously described Ghost Recon: Commander as a long-awaited "gamer's game" on the social networking service. Developer Loot Drop announced the game's termination yesterday, along with the loss of employees at its studio.

"Sad news," wrote Loot Drop on its Facebook wall. "Today, Ghost Recon: Commander was canceled. As a result, we laid off a team of awesome developers. If you have openings, especially in SF, ping me, or add your info after this post. Coders, artists, amazing assistant designer, and awesome QA guy."

The game, which released in spring, had 190,000 players.

"Ghost Recon: Commander will unfortunately be discontinued because the gameplay mechanics did not resonate with the core gamer audience," a representative from Ubisoft told Game Informer. "For our Ghost Recon fans, we will continue to operate Ghost Recon: Commander from now until the end of the calendar year with monetization removed.

"This decision does not reflect a change of strategy for any of Ubisoft’s other social games currently in development or operation."

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