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Ghost Games has 'absolutely no plans to charge' for DLC in Need for Speed

Why not? Because you deserve it.

Ghost Games has been reiterating the fact that Need for Speed will not feature microtransactions for quite a while now and nothing will be changing now that the game has released. The developers at Ghost Games recognize that once people pay for a game, most of the time they don't want to pay for extra items.

Craig Sullivan, the creative director at Ghost Games, sat down with Vice to discuss what was different in this Need for Speed reboot - besides being always online. In this lengthy interview, Sullivan revealed that Ghost Games has no intention of implementing microtransactions or paid DLC in the game. In fact, they couldn't even if they tried.

"All I can say is, honestly, hand on heart, is there are absolutely no plans to charge for content in this game. We're going to give you everything for free. I've seen the plans for what's going to happen over the next few weeks and months – there's nothing in there, by which I mean, we don't even have the ability to charge you in the game. There's no store to speak of."

Sullivan recognizes that there might be some disbelief from the gaming community over this being fact. The community has been jaded from the overwhelming abundance of paid DLC and microtransactions being added to previously microtransaction free games - kind of like what happened to Destiny.

"I know some people when we do press like this, they say, "Yeah, but I'm sure it'll all change in a week or two, or six months." It's not going to. The plan is that there are no transactions in this game. All of the content that we're going to give you – a pretty substantial amount in the future, starting pretty soon – is going to be free. That's what players deserve."

Who knows what the future holds for Need for Speed, but hopefully they stick to their guns.

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