Get up to 67% Off Select EA iPhone Games This Weekend

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EA's offering up a tasty deal on a bunch of their iPhone games this weekend, with up to 67% off select titles. And, as EA put it, they "aren’t garden variety games, either."

Two of the big games are Dead Space and the recently released Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12, with prices dropping down to a tiny $5. That's a saving of $2 on Deadspace, one of the more impressive console-to-iOS games, often praised for its graphics and actual working control scheme.

There's certain to be a game you'll like: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12, The Sims 3, SimCity Deluxe, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and The Simpsons Arcade are all in the deal and cost under $5. Better still, SimCity and The Simpsons Arcade are just $1!

If you're reading this and itching to pick up some sweet games for very little cash, head over to the App Store before the deal ends tomorrow. Otherwise, you'll have to live with the knowledge that you could have had fun for much less money than someone who purchased all of the above games last week.

Stuart Macdonald
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