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Get Trials HD and Big Thrills Pack for Cheap


We've already told you about Microsoft's big spring sale, which includes Trials HD for 50 percent off (only on April 15). Now RedLynx is sweetening the pot by adding the Big Thrills pack, the second DLC track pack released for the game. The pack will run you a mere 200 Microsoft points from now until April 18.

This may be the more relevant sale, as it seems just about everyone bought Trials HD. The game has been hugely successful and has regularly appeared in the top ten sellers on the Xbox Live Marketplace. It's a seriously awesome game (our own review awarded it a nine out of ten), and few are like it. Imagine Excitebike, except a grueling, Super Meat Boy-esque platforming challenge. It's super punishing, but addicting, as well.

The Big Thrills pack adds 40 new tracks to the game. The main game already has a lot of tracks, so you may worry that this offering might be more of the same. However, when I played through Big Thrills, I found that the tracks round out the selection quite nicely. There are things you do in this pack that you haven't seen in Trials HD before.

Big Thrills also includes ten of the best user-generated tracks chosen by RedLynx. The outside-of-the-box thinking the fanbase brought to the table makes the pack even more worth the money.

Seriously, if you haven't tried out Trials HD, give the demo a shot. Don't forget to grab the game when it goes on sale this Friday.

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