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Get Ready for the Old Spice Experience Challenge

January 10, 2008

Get Ready for the Old Spice Experience Challenge

Old Spice and have announced their collaboration on the Old Spice Experience Challenge ( They've partnered up and created an outlet for 360 gamers to set up challenges and take on other 360 gamers. It's made to be easy to use, fun and competitive.

What the challenge is all about:

  • Unlike past competitions which require participants to keep track of scores manually through spreadsheets, the Experience Challenge will offer automated gamerscore tracking capabilities.
  • Microsoft's gamerscores have become a badge of honor, and what's better for the hardcore gamer than earning massive amounts for achievement points? Taking those hard-earned points from online adversaries, of course!
  • Challenges are completely user-defined, from who gets invited to what the stakes will be. Gamers can gamble their points across multiple brackets or go all out in a high-stakes bid to drive to the top of the leader board.
  • The Challenge is upping the ante with 20 different prize packages in different tiers, based on the length of the competition and the number of team members involved.

Tier 1

  • Requirements: 7 day challenge, 5 gamers minimum
  • $20 gift card
  • 1,600 Xbox Live Microsoft Points
  • $20 Best Buy gift card

Tier 2

  • Requirements: 14 day challenge, 10 gamers minimum
  • $50 Best Buy gift card
  • 4,000 Xbox Live Microsoft Points
  • Xbox Live Gold Membership (1 year)

Tier 3

  • Requirements: 30 day challenge, 15 gamers minimum
  • $100 Best Buy gift card
  • 8,000 Xbox Live Microsoft Points
  • 6 month GameFly subscription

Tier 4

  • Requirements: 30 day challenge, 20 gamers minimum
  • Year long GameFly subscription
  • Xbox 360 HD DVD Player
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