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Get Painkiller and More for a Couple Bucks


It seems JoWood's pain is your gain with Good Old Game's current sale. The publisher is on its way out after filing for bankruptcy in January and failing to negotiate with investors last week. is teaming up with JoWood to generate some momentum for the ailing publisher.

All this week until next Tuesday (May 3), thirteen JoWood titles will be 75 percent off. Each of these games can be bought for a mere $1.49 or $2.49. Check out the full list of games at

Highlights include the fan favorites Painkiller, Gothic II, and Panzer Elite. Not every title on the list is a winner, but there's enough variety here that you'll probably find one worth checking out. Of course, if you're feeling particularly generous, you can grab the entire pack for $24.37. Not bad.

The JoWood situation could result in these games being pulled. On that issue, GoG gave the following statement: "Since you guys are all going to be asking: we don't know what the future holds for JoWooD. To be safe, though, we recommend that you download any JoWooD titles you've purchased--either from this promo or not--and archive a backup of the GOG installer, because it never hurts to be safe."

Ah, the perils of downloadable gaming.

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