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Get Jagged Alliance and More 50 Percent Off at


Those looking for a bit of classic strategy gaming this weekend need look no further as (a.k.a. Good Old Games) has four great games for $4.99 each. The games are Jagged Alliance, Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games, Disciples: Sacred Lands Gold, and Port Royale 2.

Jagged Alliance is one of the true classics of the turn-based strategy genre, while Deadly Games offers up some multiplayer action in the same vein. Disciples is another turn-based strategy game, but set in a high-fantasy world that takes inspiration from Heroes of Might & Magic. Lastly, Port Royale 2 is a high-seas, Caribbean adventure that mixes trading and development with ship combat.

Sounds like a good mix, and Jagged Alliance is a classic that any strategy fan should play at some point – plus you can't go wrong for $4.99.

You can get them all at Good Old Games through the weekend.

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