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Get your trade on in Civilization 5: Brave New World


In Civilization 5, there has always been a quasi-trade system with the great merchants. It looks like Firaxis Games took a piece of that system and made an entire trade-commerce system in Brave New World. This is a feature that the fans have been calling out for and their prayers have now been answered.

Trade routes can be established with cities or with city states. Two new units have been added to help trade: a land unit known as a caravan and a sea unit called a cargo ship. Trade will gain your civilization gold, tourism, spread religion, and spread science. Through technology, you can increase the number of routes you can have and how effective they will be. The longer the trade route the more you’ll get – but at danger of being destroyed by your enemies and pirates. Lastly, trade routes can send food and production to your own cities in distant lands.

Check out all these features in the video below; July 9th is just around the corner. 

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