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Get your RTS fix with the Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection, available today

The Command & Conquer universe has been around for quite a while, and delivered some truly awesome RTS moments. From the amazing Red Alert series, to the more futuristic Tiberium series, and even Generals and its expansion, you'll find every single C&C title to date in this ultimate collection, which is available starting today!

The Ultimate Collection includes 17 titles from all three universes, a soundtrack, commemorative art, PLUS early access to the next C&C game, which is just the cherry on top of this great collection.

Worried that you'll be smothered by a ton of DVDs? Worry not, all of these 17 titles are completely digital, which means they won't take up any physical space in your room, just a lot of hard drive space on your computer.

So what exactly makes this collection so ultimate?

Tiberium – The universe that started it all, the Tiberium series is set in the early 21st century amidst an epic clash for planetary control between the Global Defense Initiative, the Brotherhood of Nod and later the alien Scrin. Games in the Tiberium series include:

  •    Command & Conquer
  •    Command & Conquer™ The Covert Operations™
  •    Command & Conquer™ Tiberian Sun™
  •    Command & Conquer™ Tiberian Sun™ Firestorm™
  •    Command & Conquer Renegade™
  •    Command & Conquer™ 3 Tiberium Wars™
  •    Command & Conquer™ 3 Kane’s Wrath
  •    Command & Conquer™ 4 Tiberian Twilight

Red Alert – Travel to an alternate universe where the cold war between the Soviets, the Allies and later, the Empire, is still raging. Known for a tone that is more comical and over-the-top, the Red Alert series includes the following games

  •    Command & Conquer™ Red Alert™
  •    Command & Conquer Red Alert™ Counterstrike™
  •    Command & Conquer Red Alert™ The Aftermath™
  •    Command & Conquer Red Alert™ 2
  •    Command & Conquer Red Alert™ Yuri’s Revenge™
  •    Command & Conquer™ Red Alert™ 3
  •    Command & Conquer™ Red Alert™ 3 Uprising

Generals – Take the helm of one of three sides – the US, China or the Global Liberation Army – in a modern warfare setting that features bleeding-edge military weaponry.

  •    Command & Conquer™ Generals
  •    Command & Conquer™ Generals Zero Hour

You can pick up the Ultimate Collection here for $49.99, which is a great deal for 17 amazing RTS games, that undoubtedly helped shape the RTS genre.

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