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Get your hands on one of these Vampire Season plushes


A few weeks ago, we reviewed a pretty great game for the iPad called Vampire Season, and you should obviously give it a try immediately because it's free! Our own Alex Faciane has said:

"This game is a joy to play, and with it's 3D rendered graphics and freedom from any sort of real grid-based gameplay, this game ends up feeling more like a polished tribute to oldWarcraft 3 sessions than it does any sort of mobile game at all, much less PvZ."

Now were giving you a chance to win a plush Manny, directly from the game! He'll make a great companion for all those long gameplay sessions of Vampire Season. All you have to do is Click Here which will send you to our Tweet and Retweet it for a chance to win a Manny plush all for yourself.

There will be five lucky winners, and the giveaway will run until Thursday, August 2nd.

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