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Get the League of Legends 'Pentakill' album for free next week


Get ready, because League of Legends hottest band, Pentakill, is gearing up to release their first album next week. Appropriately titled "Smite and Ignite," the Pentakill album will be released for free on Tuesday, June 3. To get you even more pumped, a new track was released today. Have a listen to "Deathfire Grasp" below.

Seriously, who knew Karthus, Mordekaiser, Olaf, Sona, and Yorick could rock this hard? MOAR DOUBLE BASS PEDAL! Earlier this week, we were treated to another song from Pentakill, titled "Lightbringer." Have a listen here. The release of the new Pentakill album comes at a time when Riot Games is working on a Karthus makeover.

Here are the lyrics for Deathfire Grasp. You know, in case you want to sing along.

Fighting shadows,
in their haunting guise.

Smiting the wicked baron,
and unleash my might.

When we face our final hour,
in the darkest rift.

Come what ever may,
I'll be the death of you.

After channeling my power,
Your end will be swift.

Now there's nothing in my way,
You'll feel my deathfire grasp!

Clashing minions,
ravaged fields of war.

Manifest my dominion,
total chaos restored.

[League of Legends]

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