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Edit: Looks like there was a slight error in our original post. Rather than 10 percent of proceeds from the Brunel Game Jam Bundle being donated to charity, a whopping 100 percent of the funds received during the campaign will be donated to Child's Play. Well, that's just a super awesome cause, now isn't it?

Original story: IndieGameStand is doing things a bit differently this time. Rather than focusing on a single game for a four-day period, the pay-what-you-want site is now offering an entire bundle of game jam titles for the minimum price of $1.

Games range from platformers to puzzlers to action titles. The entire Brunel Game Jam Bundle list is is as follows:

  • Medieval Retrieval
  • LawnRunner
  • Zen
  • Origins of Simon
  • level.break
  • St. George and the Dragon
  • Time Keepers
  • Wave Slice
  • Chenetics
  • Go to Bed
  • Mutiny on the Pie Chaser
  • Protector of the Sea

That's plenty of content for just $1. Of course, if you beat the average payment, you'll also get the Brunel Game Jam Charity source files. Meanwhile paying $10 will score you this latest deal, Pid, and the next IndieGameStand offering.

Ten percent of all proceeds from this campaign will be donated to Child's Play.


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