Get special bonus when you pre-order Skylanders SWAP Force at Target

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If you plan on pre-ordering Skylanders SWAP Force, doing so at Target will get you an exclusive pre-order bonus. 

If you pre-order the SWAP Force Starter Pack at Target, you'll receive the first-ever magic pre-sell cards that unlock in-game upgrades when Portal Masters place it on their SWAP Force Portal of Power. You'll also get a free LightCore Hex Skylanders Giants character. The Start Pack includes a copy of the game for whichever system you choose, a new Portal of Power, three Skylanders SWAP Force figures, one Character Collector poster, three sticker sheets with secret codes and three Trading Cards.

Skylander SWAP Force brings dynamic swapability to the table. It let's players combine the top and bottom halves of the 16 SWAP Force figures to create more than 250 unique characters. It lets Portal Masters mix and match character's powers. Also, you can jump in SWAP Force.

Skylanders SWAP Force will be available on October 13 on Wii, Wii U, 3DS, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. 

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