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Get romantic with Final Fantasy 14's Favour System

Favour System

Ever felt like MMOs needed more romance, more emotion? Or did you just want to win over the hearts of various gorgeous NPCs who otherwise keep repeating the same text to you over and over again. Square's got you covered. With the new Favour System, players will be able to get closer to various NPCs.

Do you fancy Minfilia and her sexy attire, or perhaps you go for someone a little more reserved, like Y'shtolla. Whatever your preference is, you can now win over their hearts and have them swoon over you everytime you visit them.

To make things a little clearer, Square posted up their design doc to show how exactly this Favour System works. Clearly, the Initial Phase is how we know Minfilia, but once you woo her, she becomes a little more possessive. You can forget about partying up with other female characters, and she'll constantly call you on your Linkpearl. Clingy is definitely an understatement.


The greatest news, you don't have to wait long, since the Favour System will be live on APRIL 1ST! That's tomorrow. That's the shortest time I ever had to wait for a new system, and here it is, APRIL freaking 1ST.

[FF14 Dev Blog]

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