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Get re-acquainted with the everyman's gun manufacturer of Borderlands 2, Tediore

If you've played through Borderlands, by now you must feel pretty familiar with the various weaponry manufacturers. Whether it's the high firing Vladof, or the elemental powered Maliwan. In this trailer, we get a look at the everyman's gun manufacturer, Tediore, and what new features it brings to the table in Borderlands 2.

In this hilarious infomercial, we don't only learn that Tediore weapons are cheap and affordable, but they also don't require you to reload, thanks to the Insta-Digistruct Reloading System, you won't even need thumbs to reload.

If you perhaps need a little more pumping up, head on over to Handsome Jack's message to all Vault Hunters, and accept his challenge.

You can look out for Borderlands 2 to hit store shelves on September 18th. Oh and if you're one of the lucky few who got their hands on that loot chest preorder, just know that deep down, I really hate you. That is all.

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