Get Metro 2033 and Last Light on the cheap, courtesy of Gamersgate

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Cheap game alert! Cheap game alert! You can get Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light discounted. Metro 2033 is discounted by 75% which brings it down to $3.74 and Metro: Last Light discounted by 50% which makes it $19.98.

Not sure if either Metro game is for you? Man, lucky that you found yourself on a site that reviews video games.

Metro 2033

So do you have what it takes to survive the perilous world of Metro 2033? The single-player affair is worthy of every FPS fanatics’ time since the 4A Games and THQ were able to put forth a wonderful tale that deserved telling. The world is engrossing as it invites players for multiple trips with the sheer amount of detail 4A Games spent implementing into the environments. Metro 2033 is as pure as they come in the genre and I gladly welcome any sequel that may reach fruition.

Metro Last Light

Metro: Last Light isn't for everyone. If you didn't care for 2033, this game probably won't change your mind. However, it provides an atmospheric approach to first-person shooters that you just don't see that often, so it's worth experiencing just for that difference.  The gameplay feels just right, the presentation nails it for the most part, and Ranger Mode – well, let's just say it's one of those things you want to go for if you ever feel the need to be tested.

It's been a hell of a journey, but at last, we get to see the Light.

You can grab your discounted copies of both Metro games right here.

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