Get in on this Puzzle & Dragons’ Fields of Battle Godfest before it ends

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What better way to introduce the Fields of Battle event in Puzzle & Dragons, than with a Godfest? I can’t think of a better way. The round, the gods Zhuge Liang (both), Five Elemental Gods, and Hero Gods have arrived on the scene. While

While Zhuge Liang’s both forms will only have a x1 increase drop rate, all the other will still have the regular x3 drop rate you’ve come to know. This event is currently live and ending at 7:59 PDT today. So, get on it already!

Here are the gods involved:

- Five Elements Gods -
745 Incarnation of Suzaku, Leilan
747 Incarnation of Seiryuu, Karin
749 Incarnation of Genbu, Meimei
751 Incarnation of Kirin, Sakuya
753 Incarnation of Byakko, Haku

- Hero Gods -
1065 Yamato Takeru
1067 Andromeda
1069 Perseus
1071 Sun Wukong
1073 Pandora

- Special -
362 Odin
364 Odin, the War Deity
1107 Phantom God Odin
640 Archangel Metatron
642 Dark Angel Metatron
911 Red Dragon Caller, Sonia
913 Jade Dragon Caller, Sonia
1088 Blue Dragon Caller, Sonia
1241 Bearded Deity, Guan Yu
1243 Loyal Deity, Guan Yu
1372 Sleeping Dragon, Zhuge Liang (NEW!)
1374 Life Dragon, Zhuge Liang (NEW!)

Best of luck with the most important god of all, the RNG god.

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