Get excited, GTA V details incoming in new GameInformer issue

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People have been hounding Rockstar for info about their next open world crime simulator, Grand Theft Auto V. We've also had a few speculations of our own. Though it looks like a lot of questions will (hopefully) be answered in the December issue of GameInformer.

As tweeted by Andy McNamara, GameInformer's Editor-in-Chief, it looks like we'll get a good amount of details (considering GTA V is that issues 'cover' game) regarding the game.

gta v

Of course the burning question on everyone's mind is, "When the hell can I get my hands on it?!" I have a feeling like the date might not be revealed quite yet, however all the information revealed in that issue, should hopefully please gamers until the time comes for them to step into the streets of Los Santos.

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