Get Brave Frontier's Crimson Wing through an all fire team to make your all fire team better

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I heard you like fire, so I got you strong fire characters to make your fire teams better. That’s a lot of heat yo. In Brave Frontier’s new Inferno Showdown dungeon coming up, you’ll have the opportunity to win Crimson Wing. Why this hot fellow only reaches five stars, his leadership ability grants a 50% attack boost and 5% boost to crit for fire units. I believe it was the Mask that said it best with, “Smooooking!”

Despite yesterday’s article, the date for this event has not yet been announced; ‘Date to be announced.’ Yes, it was changed. Oh, and if you’re wondering, Crimson’s Wings’ BB skill is an AoE attack that hits eight times and then increases your fire units atk by 75% for 2 turns. Best of luck getting him and unlocking his fiery fury!  

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