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Get 45 classic Sega games for $10

Comix Zone Screenshot - Comix Zone

Retrogaming site DotEmu is offering 45 classic games for PC for only $10.

The Sega Exclusive Bundle contains titles from the action, adventure, puzzle, and strategy genres, among others. It also includes Genesis and Master System games — such as Ecco the Dolphin, Shining Force, Sonic the Hedgehog, and their sequels.

The deal only lasts for a short time, so if you've been meaning to play any on the list, get 'em while you can.

  •     Sonic the Hedgehog
  •     Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  •     Sonic 3 & Knuckles
  •     Sonic Spinball
  •     Sonic 3D Blast
  •     Golden Axe
  •     Altered Beast
  •     Comix Zone
  •     Ecco The Dolphin
  •     Gain Ground
  •     Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master
  •     VectorMan
  •     Crack Down
  •     Shadow Dancer
  •     Space Harrier II
  •     Ecco JR
  •     Alex Kidd in The Enchanted Castle
  •     Bonanza Bros.
  •     Super Thunder Blade
  •     Kid Chameleon
  •     Ristar
  •     Galaxy Force 2
  •     Columns
  •     Eternal Champions
  •     Fatal Labyrinth
  •     Bio-Hasard Battle
  •     Columns III
  •     Sword Of Vermilion
  •     Virtua Fighter 2
  •     Ecco II: The Tides of Time
  •     Alien Storm
  •     Decap Attack
  •     Flicky
  •     ESWAT: City Under Siege
  •     Golden Axe 2
  •     Landstalker: The Treasure of King Nole
  •     Shining Force
  •     Wonder Boy III: Monster lair
  •     Streets of Rage 2
  •     Alien Soldier
  •     Light Crusader
  •     Gunstar Heroes
  •     Street of Rage
  •     Shining Force II
  •     Shining in the Darkness

Which ones are you favorites?

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Stephanie Carmichael Twitter: @wita
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