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Germany Labels Twitch as a "Radio Service," Says All Streamers Will Need Broadcasting License

We don't see this working out.

Germany Labels Twitch as a "Radio Service", Says All Streamers Will Need Broadcasting License

PietSmiet, a popular Twitch Streaming channel, has recently been told it will need a license to continue streaming on Twitch. 

German broadcast authority, known as the Landesmedienanstalt has ruled that live-streaming requires a broadcasting license, which costs around €1,000 and €10,000 depending on audience size. Those without a license with over 500 followers are considered pirate stations and could be shut down.

Strangely enough, Germany isn't the only country trying to enforce this kind of legislation. China also requires some streamers to hold a license. 

As odd as this is, the entirety of the law is not clear as to the specific regulations. Will they have to follow the same regulations of TV broadcasters? Where did this new push for regulation of Twitch streamers come from?

The Landesmedienanstalt has admitted that the guidelines are outdated and may change in the near future, but not that streamers will be exempt.

Richard Lewis weighs in on what's happening now:

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