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German, Spanish title for Star Wars: The Last Jedi confirms if 'Jedi' is singular or plural

Maybe spoilers?

The official title for Star Wars: Episode VIII was revealed to be 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' last month. After the reveal, there was a bit of debate on whether Jedi was singular or plural - does the title refer to one Jedi or multiple Jedi? After all, 'Jedi' can be both!

Luckily, the debate has been settled by the German title (as well as the Spanish title).

Whether the title is referring one Jedi or several Jedi will be below this image. This image will keep you from any unwanted spoilers. Turn back now or forever hold your peace.


The German title for 'The Last Jedi' is 'Die Letzten Jedi' and in this case, 'Letzen' is plural. If it was singular, it would be 'Der(male form)/Die(female) Letzte Jedi.' As for the Spanish title, the title is 'Los Ultimos Jedi,' with 'Los' and 'Ultimos' being the plural form of 'Last' in Spanish. If it was singular, it would be 'El Ultimo Jedi.'

The Spanish reveal:

The German:

There you have it - Star Wars: The Last Jedi is about  more than one Jedi.

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