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German Amazon potentially outs Mirror's Edge 2 with horribly Photoshopped boxart


Mirror's Edge was a rather fantastic game that managed to even give some slight vertigo to queasy players. While not perfect by any means, it did free running/parkour right. At least, as right as parkour can get in a First Person game. And while many have asked EA for a sequel, it didn't seem to be on EA's to-do list.

The story might be a little different now. Surfacing on the German Amazon storefront, the product listing for Mirror's Edge 2, complete with absolutely terrible Photoshop work on the cover, it does seem that this might be the sequel that fans have been asking for. With E3 right around the corner and with both next-gen consoles already announced, it would be fitting for Mirror's Edge 2 to show up during any of the scheduled press conferences.

The listing is for the Xbox 360, rather than the Xbox One, but given the timing, it would only make sense that it would go next-gen too.

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