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GeoHot Is a Good Guy Now


I watch a lot of wrestling. And sometimes, there are guys you just hate. In wrestling, the bad guys who most people hate are referred to as "heels." Looking back at hacker GeoHot's PlayStation 3 business a few months ago, I'd say he was an annoying, cocky, and dastardly heel.

Of course, there are instances when the heels have a change of heart and "turn face" (become good guys). It looks like GeoHot has officially turned face ... book. The once despised hacker, who was battling a Sony lawsuit, has landed a job at the major social networking site Facebook.

From what reported, it appears GeoHot is loving his gig at Facebook. He has gone as far as saying that the site is "really an amazing place to work." Glad to see the former hacker has officially gone legit and turned face.

In other news, LulzSec have decided to end their crusade. According to the hacker group, they accomplished everything they had intended within their 50-day "planned" period. Of course, these guys could just be saying that to cover up their disbanding due to the recent arrest of a 19-year old LulzSec hacker. We'll probably never know for sure.

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