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Gears of War 4 multiplayer crossplay test weekend starting tomorrow

Let us see how balanced it will be

Cross-platform play is already available in Gears of War 4 between Xbox One and Windows 10 but developer The Coalition has announced a cross-play test weekend on the public playlists.

One of the biggest E3 announcements this year was the Play Anywhere program between Xbox and Windows, it was also a way of offering cross-play between Xbox and PC but in Gears of War 4 the multiplayer has only been available in cross-play form in private matches and not in the public playlists due to how it could impact balancing.

This test weekend is a test to gather data and see if cross-play outside of private matches could become a permanent thing without impacting the balance of the game.

"From the beginning, we stated our intention to keep both platforms separate in non-cooperative game modes in order to preserve competitive balance. Conserving a fair, competitive environment remains a top priority for us"

The results of this test weekend will dictate what happens to the future of cross-play in Gears of War 4. When all the data has been gathered The Coalition will take an "informed next step". They also want to point out that they will not be making any sudden surprise changes after the test weekend.

To make sure that as many players as possible participate in this test weekend they have increased the win/loss experience quite a bit, and as usual with test weekends The Coalition welcomes any feedback on the cross-play experience.

Check out the modes, experience, and map available during the cross-play weekend bellow.

  • Playlist Type: Social 
  • Modes: Team Deathmatch, Dodgeball, King of the Hill 
  • Maps: All (including Checkout and Dry Dock) 
  • Win XP: 1500 (up from 600) 
  • Loss XP: 750 (up from 100) 
  • Maximum Squad Size: 5 
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