Gears of War 3 Causing Freezing on Xbox 360

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Ask Cliff Bleszinski whats Gears of War 3 should be rated and he'll tell you a 10.  Ask Xbox 360 owners frustrated with Gears of War 3 freezing on their console and they'll probably say something much lower than a "respectable" 8 score.

That's right, Cliffy B's prized creation is causing some freezing issues on the Xbox 360.  Apparently it's concern enough for Epic Games which recently created a thread on their forums to address the issue.  The thread, titled "Freezing profile at load screen", asks players to provide information about any freezes they've encountred.

"If you have been having issues where you are loading into a game mode and your game freezes I need some information from you. Please reply and fill out the following questionnaire about what you were doing when your profile froze. Please answer EVERY question applicable."

Judging from responses, it seems the freezing occurs mostly during the "loading game mode" screen when players attempt to play using splitscreen Horde Mode while using two profiles.  According to posts, the error permanantly alters one profile and afterwards that player can not join another game mode.

Although Epic is aware of the bug, no further details about a fix have been announced.  Until then, it's recommended you don't play on those settings.  Well that makes Horde Mode a bit more challenging.

Have you experience any freezing due to Gears of War 3?



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