Gears of War 3 'Bullet Marsh' Map Revealed

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Epic Games has revealed the first video footage from Bullet Marsh, one of the new multiplayer maps included with the free Versus Booster Map Pack coming to Gears of War 3.

"Bullet Marsh is a reimagining of Gears 1’s foreboding, swampy stomping grounds where shooting out an old generator extinguishes the lights above and unleashes the bat-like, bloodthirsty Kryll, putting at danger anyone left standing in the dark."

"Don’t stray too far from lit areas, and be sure navigate the low-lying marsh areas with caution as you trudge through rain and lightning. Beware of the map’s darkest corners, where the Kryll are waiting to swarm and devour unsuspecting combatants with their dense fangs."

The Versus Booster Map Pack is free DLC for all Gears of War 3 players and will become available November 24th, which also happens to be Thanksgiving Day in the US.

The Map Pack includes five new maps - Azura, Blood Drive, Rust Lung, Bullet Marsh, and Clocktower.

Epic said, "You'll want to have Bullt Marsh when RAAM's Shadow launches on Dec. 13".  Seeing as how it's completely FREE, I don't see why you wouldn't download it.

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