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Gearbox Wants to Know What You Want in Borderlands 2


The folks over at Gearbox Software are hard at work developing Borderlands 2. After the success of the first game, it should come as no surprise that this fine company is trying to once again provide an engaging first-person RPG experience. As good as the first game was, though, Gearbox has stated that it plans on making Borderlands 2 bigger and better.

That's certainly good news, and the developer is looking to hear what the fans have to say. Gearbox just posted a survey asking a number of Borderlands-related questions. And don't worry if you haven't played the game, because these kind individuals certainly aren't discriminating!

Upon beginning the survey, you're asked whether or not you played Borderlands, and then you'll be required to submit answers for a series of gameplay- and content-related questions. The questionnaire touches on story, class types, enemies, and more. Oh, and you'll also get the chance to win some sweet Borderlands swag!

It's cool to see a developer asking gamers what they would like to see in an upcoming game. Gearbox definitely seems like the type of company that would take some suggestions into consideration as long as they're not outlandish or just plain stupid (the people who ask these questions know who they are). Be sure to answer the survey if you're eagerly anticipating the launch of Borderlands 2.

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