Gear Weekend Blades and ‘Nades KOTH

Gears of War 3  - 872091

Okay, that Snub pistol, throw it away.  What if we replaced with say… the Gorgon?  I like the sound of it.  Rev up your Retro Lancer as well and you have your loadout for the Gears of War 3 Blades and ‘Nades KOTH weekend.  All grenade pickups will be frags as well.  This close range carnage is what you can expect out of this Gears weekend event.

As usual, the Gears team wants to know feedback.  Feel free to leave a comment via #GearsWeekend.  Don’t be shy is saying which events you’ve liked in the past and how you would like to see them changed in the future in these frag or be fragged events.

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