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GB Bionic Commando Hits 3DS eShop December 29th


There's no hiding the fact that I'm still not completely sold on Nintendo's new handheld (see: 5 Reasons the Nintendo 3DS is Totally Boned). Super Mario 3D Land has proven to be a great game however, and with upcoming hits like Resident Evil and Monster Hunter slated for release, I do believe there's some hope for the system. One major concern however would have to be Nintendo's eShop, which is though filled with classic games, seems to be ignoring the NES originals in favor of less enjoyable Gameboy ports.

The original Gameboy had some classics to be sure, but I don't count the GB port of Bionic Commando among them. On December 29th this greyscale nazi-punching adventure joins a host of other lackluster offerings, including Urban Champion 3D. Again, we'd be much happier with the original NES quest of Super Joe, though Nintendo seems strangely uninterested in putting up any of the original Nintendo's 8-bit classics.

Point is that Nintendo has already shown the eShop is capable of emulating GBA and NES games, though so far these titles have only been offered to those unfortunate "ambassadors" who bought the handheld at its original $250 price point. I'd happily plunk down a few bucks for ports of my favorite GBA games, though its a year out and not even a single title is available? What's the deal?

At least the box art is cool...

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