Gauntlgrym is Neverwinter’s new intense endgame content and receives release date

Holy moly! If you’re a Neverwinter fan playing in the open beta, this news should get you going. A new endgame dungeon, Gauntlgrym, is coming that will test all your abilities in one place. First off, this is a 40 man dungeon but it’s 20 vs. 20. Two teams will race in a combination of player vs. environment and player vs. player type scenarios. The winner of these events goes onto one dungeon and the losers to another. The winners get access to tier 2 gear and the losers get access to the lesser tier 1 gear.

On top of all that, Neverwinter has an official release date. This date is 6/20/12. So yea, come the end of this month Neverwinter will go live and no longer be in open beta. Fear not players who are playing now – your characters will NOT be wiped.

Check out the video above and get excited!     

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