Garen, the Might of Demacia, gets a League of Legends visual remake to spin to win

League of Legends Screenshot - 1153895

Nine out of ten times when Garen is MIA in lane, he is really just in a bush regenerating him health – waiting. Garen is one of those naturally durable bullies that is quite difficult to push out of lane in League of Legends. The combination of his passive armor, health regen, no mana cost abilities, and wave clear all make him a tough lane opponent. Garen is also one of those iconic LoL champions that is widely known for his “spin to win” and “bush hiding” techniques.

Riot has decided to remaster Garen’s outdated image and particle effects with brand new shinny ones. It doesn’t appear that any of his skills have been changed, just his look. I love what Riot did with his different skins, giving them more depth than just a recolorization. Take for example, the sand skin. Instead of having a straight sword he has a scimitar instead – it’s the little details that get me.

Check out the new champion spotlight below. Is that… the monkey? Oh Garen…  

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