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Gangnam Style coming to Just Dance 4 as DLC in November 2012


Like all great internet sensations, Gangnam Style will be played everywhere, featured everywhere, and seen everywhere until its lying in the back alley ditch of the internet beaten to death where all internet memes and sensations eventually go to die (Remember 'arrow to the knee'). Perhaps further solidifying the downfall of society with the rising popularity of this song by South Korean rapper Psy is the fact that it will eventually be available as downloadable content for Just Dance 4. The worst part about this is that it just might work to convince people to go out and purchase this game (you should have seen my co-worker's face light up with excitement when I told him this).

Ubisoft announced today that Gangnam Style, which has more than 480 million views since its July debut, will arrive in Just Dance 4 sometime in November 2012.

"We're dedicated to bringing Just Dance fans access to the music and musicians they love," said Ubisoft EMEA chief marketing & sales officer Geoffroy Sardin. "Our fans were really vocal about wanting Gangnam Style in Just Dance 4 and we listened. This marks the first of many hot upcoming DLC tracks for Just Dance 4." 

Pricing for Gangnam Style will be "similar" to previous Just Dance DLC and will be confirmed closer to the release of the DLC.

"Gangnam Style and Just Dance 4, I can't wait to see all the YouTube videos", said South Korean artist, PSY. Really? Because I can. In fact, I'm just about done with all of the Gangnam Style videos on YouTube. Odds are, your song mash-up isn't original or good. 

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